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DripDrop’s patented hydration powder is based on World Health Organization’s formula for Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), a precise ratio of sodium, sugars, and electrolytes that enhances absorption and speeds recovery. Oral Rehydration Solutions have been used for more than 50 years to treat dehydration in the most challenging circumstances, including treating Cholera and Ebola patients, and in disaster zones where fresh water is in short supply.

A Scientific Breakthrough in O.R.S.

  • So what are Oral Rehydration Solutions or ORS?
    Oral Rehydration Solutions are a precise ratio of sodium, sugars and other electrolytes designed for maximum absorption and fast recovery from dehydration.
  • And What’s the Breakthrough?
    Traditionally, ORS taste like seawater. DripDrop tastes like a sports drink while maintaining low osmolarity (the speed fluids are absorbed into your body). Low osmolarity is a mark of medical grade hydration.
  • How does it work?
    DripDrop activates the Sodium Glucose Co-Transport system, one of the fastest hydration mechanisms in the human body. It literally pulls water from your gut into your bloodstream and hydrates you faster.

Shown in a clinical study to
hydrate 34% better than water

DripDrop’s precise formula activates the sodium-glucose co-transport mechanism, a special part of your intestine that can absorb water faster than any other part of the body.

Oral Rehydration Solutions

"One of the most important medical advancements since penicillin."

- Doctors Without Borders

The Sodium Glucose Co-Transport System

"One of the most important medical discoveries of the last century."

- Lancet Medical Journal