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6 Ideas to Encourage Kids to Hydrate

Dehydration is a prime concern in summer, and that’s especially true for children. They require a greater volume of water than adults, and they’re more likely to be playing outside in the hot, hot sun. Help encourage them to regularly hydrate this summer with these six ideas.

1. Play with Ice Cube: There’s an ice cube tray in every shape and for every occasion these days: birthday candles, cartoon characters, letters in the alphabet, ships, flowers, and spooky Halloween shapes. A few wacky shaped ice cubes add some flare to an average glass of water. Also, consider adding fruit or DripDrop to your ice cube tray an added flavor boost in your glass.

2. Design a Cool Cup:  A special cup can encourage kids to keep filling it up. Let your kids use their creativity to create their own unique design. A few ideas: A bejeweled goblet, a Mason jar spill-proof glass, or a customized coffee cup.

3. Learn About Hydration: Understanding the science of hydration can be a great way to motivate your kids to stay hydrated. A fun and easy summer mini-project: Let your kids study the effects water deprivation has on a household plants. The plant will likely wilt, displaying an important lesson about hydration.

Other great science hydration projects:

4. Have Fun with Straws: Curly-Q straws or homemade paper straws are a quick, fun and easy way to spice up a glass of water. You can let your kids pick out their favorites at the store or spend an afternoon creating their own; either way, a straw is a great way to encourage regular hydration.

5. Fruit Infusion: Add some flavor to your water with a fresh-cut lemon wedge or some farmer’s market watermelon. Or let your kids experiment and come up with their original recipes for infused water. Cucumbers, strawberries, and citrus fruits are all wonderful and tasty additions.

6. Create a Household Hydration Station: Do you have a hydration station in your home? Summer is the perfect time to create one. Put together a water dispenser, cups and encourage your family to drink regularly when they pass by. Don’t forget the DripDrop, either. DripDrop’s great taste and electrolytes will encourage your kids to drink more often.


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