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Ambitious Grocery Bag Carrier Turned Professional Obstacle Racer

Growing up I adored basketball. I felt like a superhero running through the woods of upstate New York and hopping across rivers on rocks. I would challenge any boy to a foot race or arm wrestling match. I always chose the most difficult path to the top of a mountain. And when it came to helping mom bring the groceries in, I would pride myself at carrying them all in one trip, even if it turned my face blue.

Fast-forward several years. It's after college, I still have all of this strength, athleticism, and now a passion and career in fitness. But something was still missing until I stumbled upon Obstacle Course Racing two and a half years ago. OCR is essentially a 3-13 mile trail race with obstacles- pushing, pulling, carrying, climbing, swimming, crawling- you name it. It’s the sport I dreamed of as a child, and now I travel 15-20 weekends a year to compete in these races professionally.

I spend my days training in sunny Malibu, California. Day to day you can find me mountain biking and running the trails, swimming or paddle boarding in the ocean, lifting on the patio of my gym, teaching spin, TRX and Kettlebell classes… and you will find me sweating. A lot. Working out 1-4 hours a day, it’s nearly impossible to replenish all of the fluids I lose. That is why I love DripDrop. I know it is helping me replenish what I am losing through sweat, allowing me to go hard day after day without worrying about dehydration.

There was a time in between the basketball-playing, foot-racing, grocery-carrying-champion days of my childhood and the adult professional athlete that I am today that I failed to mention: I nearly let my childhood dreams of being an athlete go to get a “real job”, until I found OCR and decided that I could actually turn my passion for fitness into a career. When I am not racing, I work as a personal trainer bringing sustainable, efficient training practices to both the elite athlete and the average Joe. As a professional athlete and a person who loves life, the two things I make certain every day— that I am doing what I love, and I am doing it hydrated.

-Cassidy Watton


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