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Drink Drip Drop During Medical Fitness Week

For a decade now, the last week in April has been reserved for Medical Fitness Week. (Happy 10th Birthday!) The special week began in 2004 to highlight an emerging field of health and wellness – medical fitness.

Simply put, medical fitness is the idea of using exercise as a therapeutic tool for people suffering from a variety of health conditions. It differs from a traditional exercise regime, in that medical fitness includes guidance from doctors, and often times, outpatient support.

At Drip Drop, we often discuss the importance of proper hydration during exercise, whether that’s at the gym, on a long bike ride or during a Sunday stroll. And hydration is an especially important concern in medical fitness.

Many different patient groups are at a heightened risk for developing dehydration, like those with diabetes or senior citizens. Moreover, dehydration can exacerbate ailments, like heart conditions (Here’s a great article about the importance of proper hydration from the American Heart Association).

Athletes make up a core group of Drip Drop customers – and we believe that Drip Drop should be included in every exercise regime, if that means preparation for a marathon or as part of a medical fitness plan.

And Drip Drop users out in the field often share their stories about how Drip Drop helps them during exercise. We wanted to share one we recently received:

Terry, an avid distance runner from Massachusetts, highlighted why he uses Drip Drop during long, intense runs. “The first thing I liked about Drip Drop was the taste; it was light,” he says. “I found that with other drinks I would force myself to keep drinking.”

Terry’s right. Drip Drop is much lighter than sports drinks (it has about one-third the calories). And Drip Drop contains 2-3 times the electrolytes, which speeds up water absorption and maximizes fluid retention during intense workouts.

But one run in particular made Terry a Drip Drop believer: “The first time I tried Drip Drop I was in Sydney, and the temperature was in the 90s,” he says. “I found that (by using Drip Drop) my recovery time after my runs was noticeably shorter. Now, Drip Drop is a constant in my prep for a run.”

During intense exercise, hydration makes all the difference. So whether you’re exercising for fun, or per doctor’s orders, defeat dehydration with Drip Drop.

Image via Flickr.


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