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Drip Drop Sponsors U.S. Army’s Best Ranger Competition in Fort Benning

Drip Drop’s Greg Sumerlin contributed today’s post.

Recently, I spent four days with the U.S. Army Rangers at Fort Benning in Georgia. I was there for the 31st Best Ranger Competition, a grueling, 60+ hour endurance race to determine the best two-man Ranger team at the base.

The competition was an amazing display of stamina and endurance from some of the U.S. Army’s finest soldiers.

During the 62-hour race, 50 two-man teams traveled 30+ miles on foot, while carrying 70-pound packs. And along the way, each team had to complete various combat simulations, like firing their weapons on the run, repelling, parachuting from helicopters, swimming while carrying equipment, evacuation simulations and, to finish it off, a “short” two-mile run.

Not to mention, all of these movements were completed without any scheduled breaks for sleep.

What was most surprising to me was the fact that 26 teams were able to finish the event – that’s completely unreal. I was tired and I didn’t even walk a distance equivalent to the race course.

Drip Drop was more than excited to sponsor this annual event, which began in 1982, and we even had the opportunity to sponsor a two-soldier team and provide them with some Drip Drop for the competition. (They finished sixth!)

Watching an event like the Best Ranger Competition makes it clear why Drip Drop could be such a powerful hydrator for soldiers (A recent post on the blog covered this topic in-depth, if you’d like to read more).

Military personnel are called on to perform at full-capacity in combat and during training – which was on display at the Best Ranger Competition – and they need a hydration solution that’s portable, can replace bulky IVs, that matches vital electrolytes lost through sweat and has enough sodium to help the body maximize fluid retention.

We know Drip Drop provides all of that – and an added benefit – Drip Drop tastes great. Bottom line, a packet of Drip Drop would make a great addition to any soldier’s rucksack.

Image via Flickr.


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