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Drip Drop Tops New Clinical Hydration Study

To stay hydrated and perform at optimal levels, athletes traditionally turn to water or sugary sports drinks following strenuous exercise. But in a new, independent study out of Singapore, Drip Drop actually outperformed water and a sports drink when treating exercise-induced dehydration. The findings offer the first clinical evidence that Drip Drop increases fluid retention and accelerates rehydration.

In this rehydration study by DSO National Laboratories, nine athletes performed 3 intense cycling time trials and hydrated with a different beverage each time – tap water, a sports drink and Drip Drop. The findings included:

  • Drip Drop’s taste is generally comparable to the sugary sports drink, but with half the calories;
  • Drip Drop hydrated more effectively: 34% more than plain water and 20% more than the sports drink;
  • Drip Drop contains 2-3 times the electrolytes of most sports drinks;

Until now, Drip Drop’s effectiveness in treating exercise-induced dehydration had not been evaluated in a clinical setting. But the results clearly indicate that Drip Drop is better. Here’s why: Salt is the primary electrolyte lost during exercise, which the body uses to retain fluids and draw water into the body. Therefore, beverages with higher electrolyte content – mainly salt -- are better suited to improve fluid retention. In addition, Drip Drop has more potassium than most sports drinks, which has been shown to hasten rehydration.

While it seems obvious for rehydration drinks to increase sodium levels, studies have shown that higher sodium content adversely affects taste. To address this issue, sports drinks have lowered sodium content and increased sugar, in turn, sacrificing some of their hydration power. Drip Drop has flipped this problem on its head. In fact, despite Drip Drop’s maintaining a salt-to-sugar ratio that actually speeds absorption, Drip Drop tastes good enough to drink every day. Try it for yourself.

You can find our study synopsis here. Image via Flickr.


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