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DripDrop Athletes Giving Back: Jeremy Casebeer joins The DripDrop Foundation Board of Directors

Beach volleyball began as a fun way to spend my summer days in high school, and has evolved into my career, taking me all over the world. Although the U.S. tour (Association of Volleyball Professionals or AVP) runs spring through summer, the international FIVB requires extensive traveling, training, and competing.

When I am not in season, I enjoy spending my time outdoors and trying new things. I recently moved to Rio De Janeiro to live with my girlfriend and compete on the Brasilian beach tour during the offseason. Rio is an incredible city with one of the most exciting cultures I have experienced. I am thoroughly enjoying learning Portuguese, hiking around Rio's beautiful mountains, and getting to know the vibrant beaches and many neighborhoods. Beach volleyball is more than just my profession; it is what I love to do. I am very grateful for the opportunities and ways it has allowed me to discover and pursue my passions. 


I have always admired the idea of giving back, and greatly respect people who dedicate their lives to work for causes greater than themselves at nonprofits. This past AVP season I began to work with AVP First, the AVP's non-profit that has created a national pipeline for youth volleyball development. It's designed to create access for all children and their families, regardless of the neighborhood they're from or their economic status. One of the many programs AVP First runs is free community clinics, which take place during the professional tournaments. I helped coach some of these clinics this season, and loved getting to see how happy and stoked the kids were. Some had never touched a ball, some play competitively, for all of them it was a unique opportunity to experience a professional event and see where their hard work in the sport could lead. I'm very excited to work with AVP First, I wish there had been programs/opportunities like this when I was younger!

When I first tried DripDrop I liked it for obvious reasons. As an athlete competing all day long in some of the hottest and most humid conditions around the world, dehydration and cramping result in forfeiting matches and pulling out of tournaments. Finding a high quality product that tastes delicious, is safe, and prevents dehydration was a game changer for me. However, when I learned the story behind why Dr. Dolhun created Drip Drop and the work he does with the Drip Drop Foundation I knew that I wanted to get more involved. It is an honor to be joining the Board of Directors of the Drip Drop Foundation. The action based attitude that Dr. Dolhun embodies is reflected in the profound work the Foundation does to save lives and alleviate suffering caused by dehydration. I am looking forward to learning and engaging more with the work the foundation is doing.


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