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DripDrop: Now Available At A Pharmacy Near You

We have some great news to announce: DripDrop is now available at Walgreens nationwide. That’s right – you can now buy great-tasting, medical-grade hydration at your local pharmacy.

We couldn’t be happier to launch in Walgreens, because DripDrop and Walgreens are the perfect match. Walgreens is well-known for their commitment to health and wellness. And considering dehydration affects millions in the U.S. – 75% of Americans suffer from some form of dehydration every day – now consumers have greater access to DripDrop to treat dehydration at home, potentially avoiding trips to the hospital for IV therapy.

From the Field to the Pharmacy, DripDrop Comes Full Circle

DripDrop’s story began in 2008. During a humanitarian trip to Guatemala, founder Dr. Eduardo Dolhun first witnessed the efficacy of oral rehydration to treat children and adults suffering from dehydration. Following the trip, Eduardo started working on DripDrop in his San Francisco clinic.

Until then, oral rehydration products had tasted awful. Eduardo wanted to change that; he wanted to formulate a rehydration powder that not only stood up to international standards for rehydration, but that could also compete with sports drinks in terms of taste. And that's how DripDrop came to be.  DripDrop contains a precise ratio of electrolytes that speed up rehydration, and tastes great.

Walgreens was an early believer, too.

The San Francisco clinic where Eduardo and his team started working on DripDrop was located upstairs from a Walgreens pharmacy. The pharmacist downstairs realized the potential of DripDrop to treat dehydration and began recommending it to her patients.

So the story has come full circle. Now, people suffering from dehydration – children, seniors, athletes, pregnant women and people suffering from chronic diseases – can all begin treating dehydration at home with DripDrop, as soon as symptoms arise. DripDrop is safe enough to drink every day to promote proper hydration, and is powerful enough to treat dehydration in clinical settings.

A Busy Year of Growth for DripDrop

Already, DripDrop is experiencing steady growth in 2014. In addition to Walgreens, DripDrop recently launched in 100 H-E-B drugstores in Texas – our Lone Star State debut – and more and more physicians, athletes and patients are realizing the potential of DripDrop’s innovative formula to treat dehydration.

Recently, rock musicians Sammy Hagar and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead invested in DripDrop. Along with this, physicians, nurses and dieticians at Stanford University Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, and UCSF Medical Center all use DripDrop in clinical settings.

We hope the growth continues.

Since 2008, when Dr. Dolhun founded DripDrop, one of his guiding missions has been to increase access and awareness of over-the-counter medical grade hydration. Launching in Walgreens is an important step in that journey.

DripDrop retails for $9.99 at Walgreens stores nationwide. You can download a coupon here, and be sure to tell your friends!


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