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DripDrop on the Frontlines of Relief: An Exciting Announcement

Dehydration caused by infectious diarrheal disease is a leading cause of death for children globally. It’s responsible for about 2 million preventable deaths per year, more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined[i].

Reversing this trend has always been a part of the DripDrop company ethos. DripDrop founder Dr. Eduardo Dolhun regularly donates his time, medical expertise and our rehydration product in disaster areas around the world.

But now, we’re ready to scale our efforts.

We recently founded the DripDrop Foundation to help alleviate suffering caused by dehydration on a global scale. It’s a tall order, but we have a multi-layered approach. The foundation will:

  • Distribute rehydration products at or below cost to be used on the frontlines of aide missions,
  • Support research on dehydration and oral rehydration therapy,
  • Educate people about the symptoms, causes and treatments for dehydration.

The foundation will also develop strategic partnerships to help expand our impact. For example, DripDrop was recently invited to join the Clinton Global Initiative, and we’ll continue to seek out and develop partnerships with other leading international health groups.

Our Work: Building Awareness for One of the World’s Most Effective Dehydration Cures

DripDrop founder and chief humanitarian Dr. Eduardo Dolhun was inspired to develop DripDrop following a relief mission early in his medical career. It was the first time Eduardo witnessed the healing power of oral rehydration solutions (ORS), which have been used in the developing world since the 1970s to alleviate dehydration.

ORS is an important tool in the fight against dehydration. Estimates suggest ORS saves more than 3 million children every year, and to date, the World Health Organization and UNICEF have saved 60 million lives with global distribution of ORS[ii].

But following that first trip, Eduardo wanted to develop an alternative to field ORS. He wanted to develop an ORS that matched World Health Organization standards but that tasted better. With better taste, more children and families would be encouraged to use it, he thought.

Since that early trip, DripDrop has undergone many formulas, but Eduardo has remained very active in relief work. For instance, Eduardo has worked the frontlines during the 2008 earthquake in Haiti, the 2010 flooding in Pakistan, and the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines. Every time, he’s personally delivered potentially life-saving doses of DripDrop.

Eduardo has blazed a trail for the DripDrop Foundation, and now, we’ll begin to expand upon his work. We’re excited to take this first step in establishing the DripDrop Foundation as a major player in the fight against dehydration.


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