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How I Stay Fueled and Motivated for Every Competition

As a professional surfer, I’ve always been focused on healthy living. I don’t eat gluten or dairy because I’ve found that I function best when I remove those foods from my diet. In order to perform my best, I have to give my body the nutrients it needs to feel 100%. This is why I LOVE DripDrop – it makes me feel awesome which gets me motivated to try my hardest in every competition.

I was introduced to DripDrop by Kelley O’Hara, a friend of mine that plays professional soccer on the Women’s National Team. She recommended DripDrop and encouraged me to try it for performance fueling. I was immediately blown away by how good it tasted and how pumped I felt after I tried it for the first time. For someone who spends so many hours in the sun, water and gym, it’s crucial that I stay hydrated.

Brianna Cope from Keith Ketchum on Vimeo.

Being dehydrated means your body is lacking enough fluids and electrolytes to function properly. Dehydration can be serious for professional athletes, like myself, who rely on their physical ability to get them to the next level. DripDrop keeps me hydrated so I can perform my best every time.

I’ve got a big year ahead of me and I’m stoked to have DripDrop keeping me fueled along the way. My goal is to finish in the top 5 of the World Qualifying Series. My ultimate dream is to be on the World Circuit Tour. Last year, I was just spots away from making it, so this year I’m giving it 110% to make it all the way.


Brianna Cope

- Professional Surfer


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