The Bottom Line: Hydrated Athletes Feel BETTER!

As a hospital-based pediatrician, currently serving as Chief-of-Staff at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Mission Viejo, I’m continuously looking for better and healthier options for my patients in the Emergency Department, Postoperative areas as well as the Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Units. I have found over the years that keeping children well hydrated is KEY to their overall well-being and ability to heal. Having effective forms of great tasting oral rehydration solutions has been a challenge for us in pediatrics.

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, and a few years ago, at the request of a friend’s daughter and between hospital shifts, I decided to parlay my interest into a new career focus: Doctor Jacq: Nutrition Coach for Young Athletes. Young athletes spend countless hours and resources to achieve their maximum potential, but knowing what and when to eat while playing sports, is an important aspect of a young athlete’s training program. I have spoken to thousands of young athletes, parents and coaches, and hydration is always at the top of list. Fluid is THE MOST important nutrient for athletes. The bottom line is that well hydrated athletes feel better and perform better. In addition, heat related illnesses are the second most common sports injury, and they're TOTALLY PREVENTABLE! Drinking the right amount at the right time can make all the difference.

And while water is adequate for hydration of most young athletes, there are many studies showing that children, and even teens, will consume more fluids when the liquid is colored and flavored. This is where DripDrop comes in. I first encountered DripDrop at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference, and while I was impressed with the product, Dr. Dolhun’s story about his missionary work in Guatemala really hit home. I traveled to Ecuador last year on a medical mission myself, and saw firsthand what some children go through on a daily basis, and can see how an effective oral rehydration solution could literally save lives.

I am honored to be a DripDrop Ambassador, and so far my young athletes (including my son and daughter) love DripDrop! I look forward to a long relationship with DripDrop, and to offer both pediatric patients and young athletes a natural, great tasting and effective oral rehydration solution.

Dr. Jacq

- Pediatrician & Nutrition Coach


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