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The Details

Whether it is early morning training sessions or multiple workouts a day, elite athletes work hard and dedicate countless hours of training to achieve their goals.  Without question, that work ethic has to be there.  But what you may not realize is that elite athletes are typically very good at taking care of certain details that enable them to train at a consistently high level. Sure, some athletes are more physically gifted or have more ‘natural talent’ than others, but those that reach the top echelon in their chosen sport are usually extremely effective at ensuring all of the other little details are in place to allow them to complete their training.

With endurance sports, staying properly fueled and hydrated on a day-to-day basis is absolutely essential to getting the most out of your training. Athletes will bounce from one hydration product to the next looking for something that works for them; when you find the product that works, you stick with it and become a loyal customer. For me, that product is DripDrop. My hydration detail is taken care of and it isn’t simply a personal preference, it’s science. DripDrop works. Period. The simple ratio of sodium and glucose, combined with great taste gives me everything I need for a long workout, without all of the added sugar or chemicals of other hydration formulas or sports drinks.

With DripDrop, I’m able to put my hydration concerns aside and just worry about my training. That removes a huge question mark in my daily routine and eliminates any doubt over what I put into my body on race day. As an endurance athlete, the certainty and trust that DripDrop provides is crucial over the course of a 6-hour bike ride, 18 mile run, or 9-hour Ironman race!

Scott Frandsen

-Olympic Silver Medalist and Ironman triathlete.


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