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Top 3 Winter Prehydration Tips

As with most things in life, prevention is the best medication.

The signs of oncoming winter chill reminds creatures to acquire & stockpile food, reminds homeowners to make sure their furnace is working properly, and reminds the rest of cold-weather climate dwellers how much we appreciate warm weather!

Since we can't change the thermostat outside, we can change how the cold weather affects our internal heating, cooling and fluid exchange mechanism–our bloodstream! Learn more about that here.

While the temperatures and snow are falling, these Top 3 Tips for winter prehydration will help you prevent & recover from dehydration like a pro!

1. Set up for success

Did you know that Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) hydrate as effectively as an IV*? This means that DripDrop ORS fully hydrates cells with fluid and electrolytes, like charging a battery to it's maximum capacity!

Drink DripDrop the night before you go skiing or shovel the driveway, to minimize fluid loss during those activities.

2. Essential endurance

DripDrop ORS keeps you hydrated longer than water or sports drinks can, so you can fit more runs in before the lifts close!

If you're hiking the pipe or establishing cross-country trails, sweat production is increased more than when you're gliding downhill. Drink DripDrop midway through the day to maintain maximum fluid retention and electrolyte energy through these intense workouts.

3. Aprés ski hydration

Celebrating new tricks, powder lines, and slalom times is a big part of why it's so much fun to brave the cold! Drink DripDrop before you call it a night to help avoid a morning headache.

Click here to stock up & prehydrate for your best season yet!

*2003 clinical study shows no difference in efficacy between ORS & IV


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