DripDrop ORS was not invented by a beverage company. Or a pharmaceutical company. Or any company for that matter. It was invented by a doctor on a relief mission in Latin America whose simple question changed the course of dehydration treatment forever.
Problem was, the oral solution was hard to get down, hard to keep down. Especially for kids, who’d unwittingly spit up the very thing that could save them.
The number of preventable deaths due to dehydration stuck with Dr. Dolhun, and led him to this question:
What if the solution could taste good?
The question was a turning point not only for Dr. Dolhun’s life path, but for the medical industry at large. Now, Dr. Dolhun, having meticulously arrived at a formula that meets the rigorous standard of the World Health Organization and the rigorous standard of the kid palate, has made his product available to everyone, everywhere.