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Fast Company: You May Be Thirstier Than You Think
What do athletes, famous musicians, water-deprived parts of the world, and nearly three-fourths of Americans have in common? They are all at risk for dehydration. Not what you were expecting?   At the most extreme end of the spectrum are communities devastated by dehydration. As global activists focus on making clean water safe and easily accessible to these communities, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun is concerned with making the most of the water that is available.

Drip Drop Inc. appoints Major General James “Spider” Marks to Board of Directors
Drip Drop Inc., today announced that Major General James “Spider” Marks, a decorated veteran of the United States Army, has joined the Company Board of Directors.

DripDrop Now Available at Ralphs Pharmacies
“The pharmacists at Ralphs were very excited to learn about DripDrop because they recognized the need it fills as a broadly applicable, good tasting, medical grade hydration solution,” said Rebecca Cupp, Vice President of Pharmacy, Ralphs. “DripDrop can help our pharmacists improve outcomes and patient satisfaction, which ultimately leads to a better experience for our customers.”

DripDrop Available Rochester Drug Company
“Whether it is a sick child, the athlete committed to a daily workout, or a senior on a dehydrating prescription drug, a pharmacist probably sees dehydrated patients every single day, and have had relatively few over-the-counter solutions they could feel good about recommending,” said Larry Doud, RDC’s CEO. “DripDrop is a simple, effective, and risk free medical intervention that quickly rehydrates the patient across a myriad of dehydrating circumstances, so we are delighted to recommend this...

DripDrop now available at Rite Aid Stores nationwide
"75% of people suffer from mild to moderate dehydration on a daily basis, whether caused by illness, heat, or exercise,” said Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, DripDrop’s founder. “DripDrop is a great-tasting, efficacious solution for treating and preventing dehydration, and we are pleased to offer it as an over the counter alternative to Rite Aid customers.”

AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour names DripDrop as Exclusive Hydration Partner
The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), the premiere professional beach volleyball tour in the U.S., announced today that DripDrop has been added to the AVP’s growing roster of nationalpartners, naming the doctor-developed hydration solution as the exclusive Hydration Partner of the AVP. As part of the national partnership, DripDrop will be the exclusive hydration option offered to all AVP athletes during competition and will be included in national television advertising and at sp...

DripDrop Scores Near Unanimous Approval from Pharmacists Nationwide
A new study conducted by MD Analytics found that 94 percent of pharmacists across the nation approve of DripDrop as a treatment for dehydration. The study concluded that pharmacists prefer ORS that contain electrolytes and low sugar, with nearly three in every five pharmacists indicating electrolyte concentration of DripDrop as key factor in DripDrop’s selection.

DripDrop Partners with Novation to Help Hospitals Address I.V. Saline Solution Shortages; ORS Product Used for Ebola Outbreak
DripDrop announced that it was awarded a two-year contract, effective September 1, from Novation, the leading healthcareservices company that serves the more than 100,000 members and affiliates of VHA, Inc., UHC, Children’s Hospital Association and Provista. DripDrop also received an Innovative Technology designation based on feedback from member hospitals who attended the recent Novation 2014 Innovative Technology Expo in early September, one of the largest events of its kind in the industry.

Dripdrop Awarded Oral Rehydration Agreement With Premier, Inc.
Today, DripDrop, the first great tasting oral rehydration solution (ORS), announced it has been awarded a group purchasing agreement with Premier, Inc., within its IV-Therapy Category. Effective September 1, 2014, the six-year agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for DripDrop’s Oral Rehydration Solution.

DripDrop to Form Foundation and Scale Relief Efforts
DripDrop announced it will form the DripDrop Foundation, with its primary mission to alleviate suffering due to preventable dehydration worldwide. Utilizing scientific advancements in Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT), the foundation will introduce solutions to reduce dehydration and healthcare costs through strategic partnerships, research, educational programs, and medical relief missions.

DripDrop Now Available at Walgreens
“Walgreens pharmacists were big believers in DripDrop from the very beginning, when we were working out of my clinic in San Francisco and the pharmacist downstairs began recommending itto her patients,” said Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, founder and Chief Medical Officer of DripDrop. “Three-quarters of Americans suffer from some form of dehydration on a daily basis, and its impact on health and wellbeing is far reaching. With DripDrop now available at Walgreens, consumers can treat dehydration at home,...

DripDrop Gets Rock Star Backing for Its Rehydration Product
Dehydration isn’t just a serious medical concern in scalding hot climates. It also affects aging rock stars. That is why Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and solo instrumentalist Joe Satriani have joined in a $5.8 million fundinground for San Francisco-based DripDrop Inc.

Hydration Powder Attracts Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir as Investor
Bob Weir, a founding member of the Grateful Dead, used to keep water and Gatorade on hand to stay hydrated on tour. In particularly hot weather, he said, he would soak his T-shirt in a cooler, wring it out and wear it wet. Now Mr. Weir uses a hydration powder created by his doctor, which he and other rock musicians are backing as investors.

DripDrop now available at Texas retailer H-E-B
Today, DripDrop, the first oral rehydration solution (ORS) to combine medical standards of rehydration therapy with great taste, announced that it would make its Lone Star State debut on theshelves of more than 100 H-E-B stores, the family-owned retailer with stores in Texas and Mexico.

Drip Drop Tops New Clinical Hydration Study
To stay hydrated and perform at optimal levels, athletes traditionally turn to water or sugary sports drinks following strenuous exercise. But a new, independent study out of Singapore has revealed there may be a better solution for exercise‐induced dehydration.

Investors bet on oral rehydrator Drip Drop
San Francisco startup Drip Drop said this month that it had raised $3 million. Its investors include Sam Nazarian, founder and chief executive of real estate and entertainment giant SBE Group, and football Hall of Famers John Elway and Ronnie Lott.

Will America’s Hospitals Adopt a Dehydration Fix From the Developing World?
Called Drip Drop, the company has developed a new formula that it says costs exponentially less than intravenous hydration treatments and tastes better than other oral solutions. It also works as a hangover cure and an energy booster, which helps explain the new investors.

Saving a Life in 15 Minutes by CNN
Drip Drop® ORS Saving a Life in 15 Minutes is covered by CNN in Pakistan, 2010.