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Fast Company: You May Be Thirstier Than You Think
What do athletes, famous musicians, water-deprived parts of the world, and nearly three-fourths of Americans have in common? They are all at risk for dehydration. Not what you were expecting?   At the most extreme end of the spectrum are communities devastated by dehydration. As global activists focus on making clean water safe and easily accessible to these communities, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun is concerned with making the most of the water that is available.

Drip Drop Tops New Clinical Hydration Study
To stay hydrated and perform at optimal levels, athletes traditionally turn to water or sugary sports drinks following strenuous exercise. But a new, independent study out of Singapore has revealed there may be a better solution for exercise‐induced dehydration.

Will America’s Hospitals Adopt a Dehydration Fix From the Developing World?
Called Drip Drop, the company has developed a new formula that it says costs exponentially less than intravenous hydration treatments and tastes better than other oral solutions. It also works as a hangover cure and an energy booster, which helps explain the new investors.

Saving a Life in 15 Minutes by CNN
Drip Drop® ORS Saving a Life in 15 Minutes is covered by CNN in Pakistan, 2010.