Dehydration Relief Fast
For Hangovers
Quickly recover from a hard night out
DripDrop ORS Multi Flavor Pack
(makes 32 eight oz servings)
Electrolyte powder sticks
$35.99 *Only $1.12 per stick
Treat and prevent
DripDrop ORS provides dehydration relief better and faster than water or sports drinks after a night out

Restore electrolytes
Restore electrolytes lost from alcohol’s diuretic effects.

Fight fatigue
Get dehydration relief faster to get out of bed after last night’s happy hour.

Recover faster
Recover faster from the head pounding and muscle aches caused by dehydration.
Reviews from our customers
"Hands down the best hangover cure out there! My husband and I keep this handy for late nights and long weekends."
Julie L.
"Love the taste, really helps with hydration. Better than anything else on the market. Just love it!"
Ashley H.
"Honestly they are the only drink short of a hospital visit that has resolved my chronic dehydration. And they taste fabulous! The watermelon is amazing!"
Michelle M.
When you’re dehydrated, water isn’t enough.
So what’s going on inside your body and how does DripDrop ORS solve it? Here’s the science of dehydration relief.

Must. Have. Sodium.
We've come to think of sodium as bad, but in hangover dehydration relief, it's a key ingredient. Problem is, sodium alone has a hard time getting through the small intestine.

Add glucose.
Don't worry, we're not pushing sugary drinks on you. Fact is, glucose helps sodium get from the small intestine into the bloodstream. So we've added just enough glucose to make that happen. It's called the sodium-glucose co-transport system.

Open the gates.
Now that the sodium and glucose have reached the bloodstream, the gate is open for water to get through, plus other electrolytes like zinc, potassium, and magnesium to relieve dehydration fast.

When you stick to your mission, we stick to ours.

Our mission is simple: To defeat life-threatening dehydration, both at home and abroad. With your purchase, we will make a donation to one of our mission partners to provide relief from life-threatening dehydration at home and abroad. When you stick to your mission, we stick to ours.