8-Stick Starter-10g


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Effective product

These are great for helping me recover from dehydration after debilitating migraines. Have been using during hikes and also for no reason other than they’re delicious! Lemon is most subtle, then berry, and watermelon is the sweetest, imo. I haven’t tried the larger gram sticks, as this is more than enough for my need. Keep up the fantastic product!

Gives me life

I have had gastroparesis for almost three years now. A friend who lives on tpn told me about Drip Drop and how it saves her some days. I was going to the hospital 2 times a week for iv hydration. Now I do hydration therapy at home via port and use Drip Drop in between treatments. Drip Drop has allowed me to take back some of my life. It helps me get out of bed, gives me energy, and most of all, helps me with my debilitating nausea. I tell all my chronically ill friends about it. Also my doctors and nutritionist.

Best hangover remedy I have found

This stuff is amazing for preventing or relieving hangovers. Two packets before bed, two packets in the morning and some additional water and you will feel great.

Saving my life using Drip Drop

Two years ago I had a severe intestinal ulcer. It was between cutting it out, which would have been a very dangerous operation ,or treat with fluid therapy. The gastro surgeon and my gastroenterologist decided on fluid therapy. For 4 months I drank 6 12oz glasses of Drip Drop. And the ulcer was cured without having to go through a serious operation. I still start every day with 12oz of Drip Drop to hydrate my brain and body and give me the energy to go to the gym and maintain my health.

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