pregnancy dehydrates

Pregnant women face an increased risk of developing dehydration. To help prevent this condition, it’s important to understand the underlying causes. Talk to your doctor about using DripDrop to prevent dehydration throughout your pregnancy.

dehydration and morning sickness

During the first trimester, about two-thirds of expecting mothers suffer from morning sickness. Vomiting causes the rapid loss of fluids and electrolytes. Water is simply not enough to replace what you’ve lost. By using DripDrop you are able to add the correct ratio of key electrolytes like Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc back into your body.

DripDrop is formulated to reverse symptoms quickly and replenish lost electrolytes. Talk to your doctor about using DripDrop to prevent dehydration throughout your pregnancy.
dehydration relief fast

As an oral rehydration solution (ORS), every stick of DripDrop is meticulously formulated for fast absorption, making dehydration recovery as effective as an IV - without the excess sugar in sports drinks.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Customer Reviews

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Poor results

I used This product for a Soccer Tournament with heat levels at 100 or more over 5 days . Most of the boys said Gatorade was just as good for replenishing the electrolytes needed.Not sure it’s worth the money

Works for my husband

My husband has extremely low blood pressure and gets dehydrated easily. This has really helped him to perk up!

Works as advertised!

I live in a very humid climate, that any physical activity, produces copious amounts of perspiration. Heat stroke is a very real concern. The Dripdrop product, truly can be life saving. The flavors are delicious. It has become a staple in our household. My husband works 10-12 hour days, so having this boost to restore his electrolytes, mid day, is wonderful.

So Far So Good

Happy with product. Lemon flavor is the best.

Love it!

Makes it easier to drink water. I've always had trouble getting my full intake. This helps give up soda & other drinks.

It is a bit expensive for the amount given & how much is expected to drink in a day. I agree completely with a previous review stating it should be in a canister with a scoop. To control the level of flavor & sugar added.

That in itself is good for those on diets or that have health reasons.