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Built on decades of proven science, Drip Drop is the first hydration solution to combine medical standards with great taste.

Drip Drop's Science

As a student at the Mayo Medical School on a relief mission in Guatemala, Eduardo Dolhun MD witnessed hundreds of people dying unnecessarily from dehydration. He created Drip Drop to galvanize swift response to this human crisis.

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Our mission is to give people a fast, inexpensive way to stay hydrated, improve everyday health, and fix a badly broken part of our healthcare system. We love what we do and who we do it for.

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Drip Drop's formula improves on international standards for Oral Rehydration Therapy, a proven intervention endorsed by the world's leading medical institutions. Our formula is faster, more powerful, and tastes better, too.

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Dehydration affects everyone. Powerful enough for the US Special Forces and safe enough for children and seniors, Drip Drop is an effective solution for all walks of life.

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"Drip Drop not only worked for me, it worked immediately. I don't feel great most days and I continue to have serious health issues, but, I know have more energy than I've had in over five years. With Drop Drop's help, I'm living a meaningful life again."

-Krandal Kraus
 Author and Drip Drop user living with AIDS