Powder sticks

DripDrop ORS comes in two sizes, a 16.9 oz water bottle size portion
(21g) and a smaller 8oz portion (10g).  

Both sizes have 3x the electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks for long lasting and fast acting hydration.

DripDrop ORS-21g
Our 21g serving is the perfect size for a traditional size water bottle (16.9oz) for maximum convenience. This full dosage offers the precise proportion of DripDrop ORS to water that is critical for efficacy.
From: $9.99
DripDrop ORS-10g
Our 10g serving is perfect to mix with 8 oz of water. This option is for great for kids or when you only need 1/2 the dosage.
From: $9.99
10g Multi-Flavor Pack
This is our 10 gram serving size with all three flavors bundled together. Available for a limited time at this special price.
From: Regular price $25.99