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Kit includes:
• 1 Berry stick that mixes with 16 oz of water
• 1 Lemon stick that mixes with 16 oz of water
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dehydration relief fast

As an oral rehydration solution (ORS), every stick of DripDrop is meticulously formulated for fast absorption, making dehydration recovery as effective as an IV - without the excess sugar in sports drinks.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

NSF Certified • All Natural Colors & Flavors • Non-GMO • No Preservatives • Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

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Quick Feel Good Fast

does exactly what it says, very fast acting, I have took 1 after a hard night of drinking and it worked very fast, I also drink 1 once in awhile at work when I get real busy and don't have a lot of time to drink fluids


Love the taste and convenience. My only wish would be to come down in price.

No more leg cramps

I bought dripdrop to see if it would work with leg cramps. I fish a lot and walk a lot in waders for most of the day. You tend to perspire much more, even in colder weather. Drinking just water does not work and drinking Gatorade did not seem to work. I think there is a lot more sugar than what you actually need. I have used dripdrop as mentioned in the directions and have not had leg cramps after a long day. I like that it has a lot less sugar than other sports drinks. So as long as it keeps the cramps at bay, I will gladly use Dripdrop. Also, like that it is easy to travel with because its in a powder form which allows me to pre mix with water or just carry a H2O bladder and mix as needed.

Taste’s great

Overall I’m happy with the product. It’s not very sweet, and flavors are all good. It definitely helps with hydration. I work outside and don’t always drink enough water. Days that I feel dehydrated, after drinking water with drip drops, you definitely feel better.

life saver

I took advantage of a promotion to stock up for my sons summercamps and marching band season. Then I got hit with high fever and bad flu. Thank goodness I had these on hand. They were palatable when absolutely nothing else would do, for days. Now I have the packs tucked in my purse just because they make me happy.

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